Introducing FounderBot

It’s like you, only better.


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Millions of founders have a real problem: 
Balancing work and family time.

Amy from Texas

“FounderBot reads to my kids at night, so I can 
focus on reading company metrics.”

Amy from Austin, TX

With FounderBot, you can…

  • Do it all like there’s two of you.
  • Be there for your spouse and kids without being there.
  • Work hard, play hard like it’s not hard.

More Time Saved

More APIs

Bluetooth Boost

FounderBot uses Smart AI Technology to…

  • Help-at-home and Founder modes.
  • Fluent in the top 20 world languages.
  • Resolves all your bluetooth issues!
  • Biometric-screened Soylent ordering.
  • Gives compliments to spouse.
  • Folds laundry and runs errands.
  • Closes any startup funding round in 3 days.

FounderBot App

Runs on any bluetooth-enabled
device ever made.


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FounderBot You

Create an extra hand (or two), literally.


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